Our hair treatments have been expertly designed and applied to restore, preserve and improve hair of all types. The desirable characteristics of healthy hair are all achievable through our hair treatment processes. Techniques such as moisturising, glossing, strengthening and softening will revitalise your hair, bringing it back to life.

On average there are in excess of 120,000 hairs on our head: that's about 220 hairs per square-centimetre and it is normal to lose up to 80 hairs each day. But if you start to lose more hairs, we recommend you do something about it and we can help, by offering a reliable, proven, prescriptive service from La Biosthetique Paris. The benefits of the range of treatments from La Biosthetique include : 

Cell-active scalp care for lasting strengthening of hair growth
Ampoule treatment for hair loss with an anti-aging effect
Cell-active intensive hair treatment to combat hair loss and thinning hair
Active shampoo for hair loss and hair growth problems
Hydrolotion to maintain an balanced scalp environment and strengthen hair growth
Ampoule hair treatment to improve the nourishment of the hair rooLa Biosthetiquets

These products DO NOT effect your hormones. La Biosthetique has a proven track record of delivering skin and hair care soutions. The service requires commitment, but we can assist you through the process of restoring your hair to a healthy condition.

We also treat the after effects of chemotherapy. Ideally we would like to see you before you receive treatment to recommend a process suitable to your individual needs. 

Contact us to arrange for a consultation before attempting to purchase these products, we are always happy to help.



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