Our salon takes its name from a chain of Burlesque theatres which were owned and run by the Minsky brothers in prohibition-era New York (1912-1937). The name "Minsky's" is actually derived from a chain of Burlesque theatres. After attempting to run respectable shows (but failing miserably), unexpected success came when a performer absent-mindedly removed her stage costume before she had fully exited the stage. The cheers that followed convinced the brothers to make the faux pas a regular part of their show, and from then on the girls were instructed to do this each night, to the delight of the audience. The club's growing reputation meant it was the object of intense police activity and one particularly notable episode has been immortalised in the film "The Night They Raided Minsky's" starring Norman Wisdom and Britt Ekland. You can read more about the Minsky brothers' story using the links below.

We are proud to be listed in Disabled Go, the only national disabled access guide that researches every venue in person and on site, and involves disabled people in the entire review process.

Our Approach

Every time you visit Minsky's Hair Salon your experience will be unique to you. Whatever your service requirements, a new hair style, a new colour, a specialist hair treatment or your usual preference, we can guarantee the very best service, with the very best expertise.

We will always help you achieve your desired result with every consideration to your own physical attributes and, of course, hair. It is always our aim at Minsky's to develop long term relationships with our customers, which enables us to provide invaluable expertise as your hair changes through the seasons of the year. 





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